I think I was a cat in my past life.

Mea anima Pulchra




Yall simple negros will watch 30 hours of illuminati symbolism videos on YouTube but wont connect the dots in your own lives about simple shit like colorism, sexism, homophobia and mental illness.

An expert on the lizard conspiracy but cant put 2 and 2 together that black people like gold chains cause they are attainable wealth and nice things, not cause we are used to slave and prison shackles.

Random art I’ve done

Hand and feet only mine
Pics from student art show
We have crazy talent !

  #figure drawing    #drawing  


I had a dream a few weeks ago.
About saying our I do’s and woke up in bliss filled state
My happiness was replaced with your smiling tongue over the waves of my phone
It kept me going through the day and into the late murky nights
Waiting till my orbs could not withstand the heaviness of sleep
Into another reverie of intoxicated desires of you.
I look forward to my rest


Sketches I did today nothing to serious getting back in the flow of things